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Dirt Nurse Aluminium Cleaner and Brightener

Dirt Nurse Aluminium Cleaner and Brightener


An acidic, liquid aluminium cleaner and brightener. use for mag wheels, bike frames, jack plat for boats, trailers and other aluminium parts. Removes oxidation layer and brightens at the same time. Dirt Nurse Aluminium cleaner is safe on non-anodised aluminium. DO NOT MIX WITH ANY CHEMICALS UNLESS INDICATED BY MANUFACTURER.


Directions for use: Dilute at a ratio of 1:50 to 1:100 with water. Dilution ratio will depend on the severity of soil and the amount of brightening required. USE PRODUCT WITH EXTREME CAUTION. NEVER USE ON PLASTIC OR BODYWORK. SAFE FOR ALUMINIUM ONLY.


Saftey Precautions and First Aid: PRODUCT CONTAINS HYDROFLUORIC ACID IN COMBINATION WITH SULPHURIC ACID. Use in a well ventelated area. If case of ingestion, DO NOT UNDUCE VOMITING. Give large amounts of liquid to drink and seek medical attention immediatly. Contact with skin should be avoided at all times. The use of acid prood overalls and gloves are recommended. In case of skin contact, immediatly remove contaminated clothing and wash with large amounts of water. All skin burns involving HYDROFLUORIC ACID should be referred for medical attention immediately. Avoid all contact with eyes. If a spray system is being used, the use of face shields is advisable. in case of accidental contact, wash eyes for atleast 15 minutes. Seek medical attention immediatly.

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