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Dirt Nurse Hardcore Degreaser
  • Dirt Nurse Hardcore Degreaser



    Bikes: Depending on requirements, can be diluted 1 part Hardcore degreaser up to 20 parts water. For heavy-duty cleaning use 1:1 or directly. This product is specifically designed for degreasing chains, sprockets, brake rotors and brake calipars along with any other heavy grimed areas on your bike and as an insect remover. 

    Vehicle & Workshops: Can also be used in workshops to clean floors, tools, degrease engines and chassis components.

    Boats: cleans boat fuel tanks, boat trailers, boat carpets, engine bearings, carpets and blood. Use vis high-pressure or mechanical scrubbing equipment to soak, spray, foam, brush and steam clean areas. This product is o-ring, rubber, paint and chrome friendly. Contaims no oxidising agents.


    CAUTION: When using this product, do not leave to dry on bare metal surface. Use in wel-ventilated area. If ingested, consult a physician. If splashed in eyes rinse thoroughly with water. Mild skin irritant, recommend the use of gloves or apply cream after use. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDRERN.

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